Hey blog.

Well, I have no good news (or pictures) to share.

I still have heard nothing from my sources. As of now, I have a little over a month until this project is due – and needless to say, I am freaking out. I need to pivot and I know it. I just don’t know how or where to look.

I want to focus on food in some way for this project even if I have to shift now. I will be spending the next few days brainstorming on how I can still focus on food in some way even if it needs to be more abstract.

One idea that I have, which would work out great for me as it is fairly mobile, is for me to take this idea and apply it to myself. I know personal projects are a bit harder to execute, so I am not set on this quite yet. But I could do scans of my family’s recipes and document my own making of them, and writer personal essays of what they remind me of. I am still formulating, but it’s something I will focus on if nothing else pans out.

Hopefully I will finally start making progress and have pictures to share soon.


Nervous and afraid.

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