Hi blog!

As one thing ends another begins – and that is certainly the case for my capstone class!

We just wrapped up our portrait and personality story and are already starting two new projects – a group multimedia project and a photo essay.

This post is going to be a little update on what my multimedia project is and how it’s going. I am in a group of three people and we are focusing on university quarantine housing at our school – the University of Missouri. Some of you might recognize that name in relation to COVID-19 because we have been in the headlines for our schools approach to keeping people safe amidst the pandemic, hence the inspiration for this project.

We are still in the planning stage of our project and about to start gathering materials. I am interviewing the person I found who has been in quarantine housing on Thursday. I am super excited about the format of our project because we are combining our project with the “COVID age” – doing a lot of video stuff with the interviews screen recorded over Zoom. I am putting the videos together which I am also excited about. I have really only done video as a hobby and not as a journalism medium, but I have so many ideas for this and I am super excited!

If our timeline stays on track we will be getting our interviews and raw footage / photos this week and start piecing things together this weekend. I am pumped to get started!

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