Hi Blog!

It has been a while since I have written. I am back at school in my own house (!!!) with my own kitchen and bedroom. I have a few in person classes but most of them are online. One of my in person courses is my capstone, a.k.a. the last class in my undergraduate photojournalism track. The images and description of this project below is my first assignment for the class!

This project was very hectic. Finding subjects in the age of COVID is already proving to be difficult. I originally wanted to do a story on an art teacher who was having to teach a very hands on subject online, but there was a lot of red tape to go through and it ended up falling through.

All of this being said, I really enjoyed this photoshoot. Angelo, the CrossFit trainer I focused on, was super accommodating and I felt like I got to know him pretty well during the three hours I spent with him. He is passionate about helping others, especially during the pandemic, and uses physical fitness to encourage others and try and keep people the healthiest version of themselves. I didn’t realize until I pulled into the parking lot, but I have actually been to this location for another photoshoot a couple years ago. The building has since expanded quite a bit, but it was nice to be in a space I was somewhat familiar with!

It was a difficult shoot because I had to keep a fair bit of distance from him and the other participants through out the time I was there. I feel like some of the photos lack emotion because of this and because of his mask. I am going to have to get used to this I suppose, but it is frustrating. I wasn’t sure about putting it in black and white but I am very happy with this look – I usually try and go for bright colors but wanted to try something different.

It has been a while since I have gone out and photographed, and I am overall satisfied with the way this ended up turning out. It was good to get my feet wet and I look forward to jumping back into photographing this semester!

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