What’s up blog, you’ve caught me in a good mood!

Just dropping in to write a little update on one of my stories I have been working on for Boomtown.

A quick synopsis: Boomtown is one of the Missourian’s special sections. It’s sort of like a mini-magazine, and this one is about living your best life in Columbia over 50.

I am the author of the public service section, which encompasses things like volunteering and other ways to help the community.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll take it back a few days to something I heard in my reporting class this week. My professor said that the best stories can show you something as opposed to telling you. It seems a little ironic, as reporting is all about using words to tell stories, but this weekend I got exactly what she meant.

I’m working on a story about a local volunteer organization and stopped by a meeting of theirs just to observe. I wasn’t getting quotes or interviewing more sources, I was just focused on intently listening and immersing myself in the setting.

It totally changed the idea I had for the introduction of the story. The conversations and exercises I heard sparked an idea in me, and after writing up my first draft earlier today, I was so thankful I went.

Just being around a group you are covering can teach you a lot about what they’re about in unexpected ways. With that said, I am so excited to review this with my editors and peers and fine-tune it to really show our readers what this group is like.

A small reporting success has officially been recorded in my book. All smiles here!

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