Hi, blog. Me again.

This post is going to relate to social media use in the journalism world, something we discussed in class a few days ago.

I brought up a point in class about how journalism and social media are so awesome but work so weirdly together. We are constantly told to be professional, which ends up looking like a lot of retweets from different news organizations, tweets of our work and so on. But we also feel pressure to present a witty and engaging version of ourselves to our audience of readers. I am current! I know what that meme means!

But oftentimes, we feel as though these two things are mutually exclusive. We can’t joke or express things we care about without compromising our integrity as an objective journalist.

I, for one, think a balance of the two is ideal. We are people just like everyone else. We are going to love things and want to express them. I think my most recent tweet was about cheese-crusted tacos. But it was a quote tweet featuring an article from Texas Monthly. See? Balance. 

At the end of the day, we are human. And we love this job because we think humans are really interesting. Plus, it’s good for news reading humans to know that these journalism humans aren’t robots.

I’m going forward and using my best judgment on what to put out into the Twitterverse. Keeping it professional, but not erasing my personality.  So, expect a few more cheese-crusted taco tweets in between my news-related posts!

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