Hi, blog!

It’s me again, I’ve been away for a bit.

I had to go out of town to deal with some personal things. This wasn’t a journalism teaching moment in itself, but it did teach me a lot about being able to have a work-life balance. I took care of everything I could before I left, and because of that, I could be fully present in the moment with my family. I’m feeling super thankful for what truly is my reporting family at the Missourian, especially to my fellow reporters for being so gracious and covering for me when I had to be absent.

I came back to Columbia on Saturday, just in time to make my first general assignment shift the following day. It was Super Bowl Sunday yesterday (GO CHIEFS AM I RIGHT?), and both my ACE and I were anxious to start the watch party. But it was by no means a slow day in the newsroom.

Football and stories collided as I got to write an awesome piece on Col. Charles McGee, who was a WWII veteran and a Columbia College alum. It was so cool to see someone from my college town get up and accompany the referees at the coin toss, which was nationally televised.

I got an email from a reader about a slight date correction and it was honestly so lovely and sweet. I was talking about McGee receiving his college degree after fighting in three wars, which he left another school to do. I got the information from another press release written by his airmen group, but they were off by a few years. The person who corrected me was so kind about it and was a personal friend of the colonel. So I got to learn even more about him and was so appreciative of a reader who wanted to let me know I needed to change something but was so gentle about the notification. Mistakes happen, it’s a part of the journalism lifestyle. Although it was not a major one, it was a good teaching moment.

I’m back and fully immersing myself in some other reporting things I am doing for our special sections. I’m super excited to see where my stories end up going!

That’s all for now!

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