Good evening internet.

The first of my final days of junior year is almost over. I polished off the evening with a hot meal enjoyed with friends and have now settled into my desk for a bit of homework. Yes, mom, they do give us homework on the first day.

One of the classes I am taking this semester is what’s known as J4450 – a.k.a. news reporting for the Columbia Missourian. Yes, I am back, and it is so weird being on the other side. But it’s also going to be fun, especially being on the community beat. It’s almost more of a magazine staff writer position, but more on that and all my future stories (eek) later.

A part of this class is to blog regularly about our experiences writing stories, thoughtful reflections on journalism, and more. So for the next sixteen weeks, watch out for those. They won’t be horribly long, I swear!

My first assignment is to give the world a little introduction, so if you don’t know me yet, then here’s a bit about myself and what I am doing for this course!

My name is Liz Goodwin and I am a junior photojournalism major from Dallas, Texas. This spring I will be a community reporter for the Columbia Missourian, which is located on Mizzou’s campus. Go tigers!

I have loved all things related to photography and writing since I was in elementary school . I still credit my fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. McKay, for being my original mentor. She encouraged me to go for it, and I don’t think I could have ignored her inspiration even if I wanted to.

Some personal passions of mine are cooking, the outdoors, and anything related to storytelling. I love watching movies, reading books and articles, and listening to podcasts. I’d probably want to host my own podcast if I didn’t loathe the sound of my own voice so much. Why is it that listening to it on a recording can sound so different from what I hear in real life? Is that an unbreakable curse that 99% of the population faces?

So, I choose to tell stories in a different way: through words and photographs. I am excited to see where this semester takes me and glad to be back in the newsroom.

Bye for now!


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