When being tired and overwhelmed becomes your normal state of being, that’s your body telling you to slow down.

I had been experiencing that for the past couple of weeks. Meetings and midterms and long-term stories (more on this later, very exciting and scary) were forming a small mountain in my planner, and I just didn’t know where I was going to fit it all in. I felt a little lump in my stomach forming as I planned out my days and definitely had a few stress cries.

Thank you to whoever plans Mizzou’s break schedule, because having a week off after an extremely intense school schedule was the greatest gift ever.

I went to Kiawah, South Carolina with my group of girl friends for a week and made this video (video? what? a new medium?), so watch it if you’d like. It is definitely a little cheesy but I had a ton of fun making it. I can’t wait to share my upcoming blog post about a long-term story I am working on that should be published soon, so stay tuned for that!

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