In Conclusion – Skills Development J2150

Throughout this class we have had the opportunity to develop many skills in reporting through multimedia. I am most confident in the skills of photo editing, audio gathering, and conversing with subjects during interviews.

I have a lot of previous experience with photography, but am fairly new to journalistic photography. I developed a good sense of planning to get wide, medium, and tight shots and I was able to edit my photos for the five photo project and the real person photo assignment to where every photo had a solid storytelling composition and looked good with the rest of the work in the piece. My real person photo project is the one I am most proud of, because all of the colors flowed very well and they were all framed in a visually pleasing way.

During audio, I was apprehensive at first. The new equipment overwhelmed me and I was nervous about interviewing. But I was able to get clear audio and edit my interviews down into concise thoughts that all contributed to my Vidwest piece, and I was very proud of it. I do wish I had gathered more of scene setting nat sound and that my reporting had established a place, but I know now to do that in the future!

Finally, I grew in my abilities to interview people. At the beginning I felt like my interviews were very clinical, a get what I want and get out type of situation. But this class taught me to really listen to and engage with my subjects, and I made many connections with the people I met and it inspired me to hear their stories. I also could formulate new questions based off of their answers,. which was really useful in composing a good story that seemed connected and seamless.

Af far as skills I would like to improve on, I would love to be able to feel more comfortable with the mobile video kit. I liked my TV style video piece but I did feel uncomfortable getting so close for tight shots, and I feel like that element would have added to the piece. I also want to improve on finding unique stories. I felt like I only covered events that were occurring around town, which are still newsworthy, but I wish I had found an interesting subject to do a profile piece on. I love those kind of stories and want to be able to execute one myself one day. I also want to improve on my caption skills in my photos. On my real person assignment I felt like my captions were very surface level and I had some AP errors. I feel like sometimes I just put the bare minimum of information for captions, the who what when where. But if I could work on gathering fun facts or compelling quotes from the subject that would really enhance my photos.


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