Blog Four – Water in Context

Link to Video:

For this assignment, I analyzed a digital news video by NowThis over the water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa. This video used well beyond four sources to build the story, most notably aerial photographic data from NASA, information directly from the government of Cape Town over rainfall levels, data analyzed by academic scholars from the University of Cape Town, and demographic data from both the national government of South Africa and the local government of Cape Town. Additionally, they used other articles published by the New York Times and BBC.

The technical data provided by NASA and the rainfall levels provided by officials at the Cape Town Airport provided excellent ways to help the audience visualize how drastic the change in water levels has been over the last few years. This emphasizes how dire the situation is in Cape Town and how quickly time is running out for the government and its citizens to make a plan to provide enough water for people to drink and use for showering.

But, this water crisis is about much more than the forces of mother nature. The use of articles from other news publications and the political information provided by the national government of South Africa adds a deeper level of understanding of the politics behind providing relief and funding for Cape Town and its governing party. The potential implications and shifts in political power that could result in acknowledgement of the crisis play a huge role in how the situation is being handled.

This video used very reliable sources in all facets, choosing reliable and resourceful news publications to draw facts from. The combination of all of these sources paints a complete picture of the different factors playing into the scarcity of water in Cape Town in just a concise six minutes and thirty seconds, making the information both interesting and impactful. It was an extremely successful piece that kept the audience engaged while learning about such a dire situation.

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