Vidwest music video festival: recognition and celebration of an underrepresented artistic medium

The list of summer music and film festivals is nearly endless, but what about celebrations of music videos? Creatives are pushing to commend this shorter artistic medium, and it’s not in Hollywood or the Big Apple, but right here in Columbia, Missouri. 21-50’s Liz Goodwin reports on the first festival of its kind, Vidwest, and how this showcase is bringing artists together.




Filmmakers and musicians around the world have numerous opportunities to showcase their work, but now music videos are getting their shot. A new festival celebrating the arts debuted this weekend here in Columbia, with several stores and local shops hosting film screenings and live musical performances.


Fade in barambi.wav


Galarza_1.wav 11


Gabby Galarza works with other executives to host this unique event for the local community to come together and appreciate pieces from around the country. A Columbia native, she sees something special in a smaller creative community.


Galarza_2.wav 15


Fade in Vidwestconferenceambi.wav


Beyond viewing original works, this festival represents something greater for mid-Missouri. Melissa Lion Lewis, founder and director of Vidwest, hopes the event will help artists forge new connections.


Lewis_1.wav 12


The benefits of a thriving artistic community are enormous. Aside from new musical pieces for the locals to enjoy, it promotes cultural awareness and recognition of other people’s lived experiences. Writer and director Juston Gaddis sees these effects firsthand.


Gaddis_1.wav 16


Creators and creatives alike now have a new channel to appreciate and collaborate on works in Columbia, with many more events just like it soon to come.

For 21-50, I’m Liz Goodwin.


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