Earn your stripes: highlights of the University of Missouri’s Journalism School

The University of Missouri holds a lot of options for people seeking higher education. Students flock from all over the world to pursue one of the over three-hundred majors the institution offers. For Clare Foley, Mizzou’s impressive curriculum and positive atmosphere was enough to hook her in right away.


Clare_Mizzou_1.wav (8)

“Mizzou kind of spoke to me because when I came and toured it’s such a beautiful campus, and the people here are so nice, so it already felt like home to me the minute I walked on.”


Foley traveled over five-hundred miles, all the way from Texas, to be a Mizzou Tiger. She plans to earn her stripes in Missouri’s Journalism program, world famous for its “Missouri Method” of incorporating real-world experience right into their lesson plans.


Clare_Jschool.wav  (16)

“I’ve found just through the couple of classes I’ve had to take through the journalism school that they’re very in depth and very thorough, so I leave a class with a whole head of information I never knew before. And it definitely feels like I’m getting my money’s worth every time I sit down in a classroom.”


And she isn’t the only one. The journalism school pulls thousands of out-of-state students to Columbia, Missouri every year, each student studying, working, and striving to be the cream of the journalistic crop. In a world of increasing access to information, Mizzou is making sure that there will be an army of reporters, columnists, and documentary filmmakers to keep us all up to date.


Liz Goodwin for 2150.

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